What is The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge?

The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge is YOUR companies answer to engaging employees in fun, healthy activity! It starts with three months of access to YOUR companies own private online wellness platform. There, YOUR employees will participate in challenges led by head trainer Dolvett Quince, receive health guidance, have fun and feel great!

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What is the Biggest Loser Community Challenge?

The Biggest Loser Community Challenge is an exciting, online health and wellness challenge that will get your whole community moving and having fun! Teams of 4 join the challenge as a company, family or group of friends to perform healthy tasks and compete for exciting prizes!

This exciting wellness initiative promotes health through fun, interactive competition, while generating new revenue or fundraising for your organization.

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What is the Biggest Loser Corporate Wellness?

The Biggest Loser Corporate Wellness is your company's long-term solution to employee health and wellness. In addition to all of the great features you get with The Challenge, your employees will be able to access the custom tools, programs, and motivation that facilitate the creation of lifelong healthy habits.

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When does The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge start?

Once your company has partnered with The Biggest Loser, employee registration and challenges can begin at any time to match your corporate calendar.

What happens when The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge is done?

Once your inital 8-week Corporate Challenge is over, your employees will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of user driven challenges. These challenges can be completed individually or with a team and focus on everything from healthy eating to minutes of activity to step tracking with integrated hardware such as a Fitbit.

Of course, these user driven challenges will come to an end as we begin to ramp up for the next of the three annual featured Corporate Challenges. This will again include promotions to your employees and even more great prizes from The Biggest Loser. 

What are Healthy Reward Tokens?

Within each employees private online account they will have the ability to earn Reward Tokens each time they log in. Health Reward Tokens reward employees for journaling healthy activity, and can be redeemed for discounts on products. Some items can even be purchased solely with Reward Tokens.


Included with each challenge is a prize package that are available to be won by your employees for engaging with The Challenge. Additionally, we have a exclusive Biggest Loser prize packages that can be added to any challenge. Ask your representative for more details

What if my employees don’t exercise?  Is it even worth it to join?

Absolutely!  This challenge has been designed for all types of people to participate. There are different goals to achieve for people who are focused on weight loss versus those that are focused on weight maintenance, fitness, or just starting to live a little bit healthier. There are programs, tasks, meals, and workouts designed to suit every health profile.

What if my employees exercise regularly?  Why would they need the guidance?

The Biggest Loser progam has been designed for users of all shapes, sizes, and activity levels. There is a variety of content that adapts to various goals, and is a great motivator to help push employees to a higher health and fitness level.

Why would we use a website to help improve the health of our workforce?

The Biggest Loser Corporate Challenge is more than just a website to track food and fitness. It has been designed to let employees interact with one another with similar goals in a fun environment. It rewards them for participating in challenges and healthy activity. It provides guidance on eating healthier and finding ways to exercise a bit more. It helps employees focus on improving their health by setting and working towards their goals. And finally, by using motivation from The Biggest Loser coaches and success stories of past contestants, employees will be inspired by the engaging content.

What do I receive for my initial payment for three months of access?

Included in your initial payment is three months of site access and private wellness accounts for each of your employees, eight weeks of unique challenges including a suite of prizes for participation, online interactive health tools, motivation from past show contestants, plus access to health and wellness guidance and a challenge app.

What happens after my initial three months are over?

The end of your three months will coincide with the end of a featured at which time your employees will continue to have access to their accounts and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ongoing wellness challenges until the next featured challenge begins. You will be billed a monthly rate to allow your employees uninterrupted access and have the opportunity to cancel at anytime.

Is there support available to our company throughout the program?

Our team of experts provides support from the implementation phase through helping you increase engagement and ongoing support for the duration of the Challenge.

As an example when you are getting started, if you have already logged in to your account, you can contact us through the Contact Us page.

If you haven’t yet logged in, or are having trouble with your username and password, we are available through email at support@BiggestLoserCorp.com